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Red Kite

Observed: 14th February 2011 By: LordMuzzyLordMuzzy’s reputation in BirdsLordMuzzy’s reputation in BirdsLordMuzzy’s reputation in Birds
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A cracking image Richard, they are spreading south very quickly. Recently we had 7 resident for about a week in a country estate just south of where I live. The New Years fireworks seems to have moved them on though. Regards Chris.

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Cheers Chris, I never tire of

Cheers Chris, I never tire of watching them and we are quite spoiled in this area as it's pretty hard to look up and not see one! Great to know they are doing so well and spreading, who can't look up and see one of these beautiful birds effortlessly gliding about the sky without smiling? Got a new lens for next spring, can't wait!


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Got a new lens for next spring, can't wait!

Hopefully you are not thinking of taking pictures at a nest? I'm sure you know that that is illegal without a licence.

They are common over your way, aren't they. We had a school cricket match on the outskirts of Leeds, last year, suspended for a while as two kites repeatedly flew low over the wicket. Incredible thought, a few years ago!


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I didn't know last year.

iSpot pointed it out for me as I was delightedly following the progress of a nesting pair. I didn't go near the nest or disturb it as I used digibinning and was aghast to find out it was illegal (naive).
I love watching groups tumble and spar from my garden. Last week I saw one flying between the goal posts at the local park and settling on some top bars. Goal!

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Definitely wont be disturbing

Definitely wont be disturbing any nest sites Ian! My brother managed to get a great shot in this area last year with 12 individual birds on the wing in the one photo... my goal is now 13...! Went to a gamefair last year at Harewood and a bird of prey guy flew a white tailed sea Eagle. It got mobbed by a load of kites... it was one of the most amazing spectacles I've ever seen, the kites looked tiny... if only I had got that shot! The funny thing was, the sea Eagle never came back.. the bird guy was still looking for it when we left.. lock up your cats!