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Engaging with nature

This morning observing birds and taking some pictures, I have thought about posting in regional forum-this tpic.Spending time with nature is really well spent, and I would like to know how do you take time out to spend some time observing nature. people in a busy city like London may think they are too busy to give time to observe nature, but advantanges outweigh the time spent. For example thinking about spending time around NHS. Time and money spent on nature may be well worth and may save time and money around health care. There is lot of research going on the subject how biodiversity and engaging with nature can help reduce disease incidence for example heart diseases and diabetes. It will be great some of the iSpot users can give some feedback on the subject.Thank you.



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Not your area

I hope you don't mind me adding some comment's on this subject even though I live in the opposite environment to you ,very rural Northumberland only neighbour's are sheep.I do feel it help's people to connect with nature as it makes us feel connected,it can help with depression, loneliness,stress ect.I know how much better I feel when I have been in the city then come home to the peace and quite.I must say even in towns you can observe wildlife and it gives you a sense of well-being I watch the Pigeons and other birds hiding or being very bold in an urban habitat.I once remember a time when in hospital for nearly 3 weeks going mad with the environment and noise as not used to this sort
of habitat.One of the nurses on night shift offered to take me outside for some peace and fresh air.I spotted a Blackbird and it was so close to me singing it's little heart out through the very early hours and truly lifted my spirits I sat there for nearly two hours just watching him.So I truly believe that nature is a healer and many of our problems come from not connecting with it.


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Thanks Fenwickfield. Forum is

Thanks Fenwickfield. Forum is for everyone. I just mentioned London to look at the people who think they can't connect with nature because of their busy lives. Clearly your comments help everyone understand in practical terms how you were helped in a hospital with the sight of a little blackbird and its sweet melodies. I strongly believe in this subject; and wish many will participate in disussing this subject.


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I definitely think spending

I definitely think spending time with nature is a great healer, especially for those with mental health problems. I find that just walking around my park or sitting and watching the different species of birds coming and going is so relaxing, and takes my mind off of things.
I also do as much volunteering as I can, its so rewarding and keeps me fit as well.

I live in East London, probably not known for being a wildlife haven, but there is so much that gets over looked, especially along the rivers and locks, and in parks or gardens. In Beckton we have a lot of 'wasteland' as well that is great for spotting rabbits, kestrels and others.
Taking a little longer commuting gives you time to take in what's happening around you, and you soon notice more and more.