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Red bird

Observed: 7th January 2004 By: Philip Shaw-Hamilton
red bird

I have looked on 'birds with red' on other internet sites but can't find a picture similar to this one - any ideas?

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One of the problems of using

One of the problems of using old field-guides - the current name is as Ophrys has it. Richmondena, in honour of an ornithologist, replaced the original Cardinalis, and then Cardinalis was reinstated. Such is the way nomenclature works! We are both talking of the same species, in case anyone was wondering.



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Apologies to Syrphus for treading on his toes, with what amounted to the same ID. I had probably started to put my ID in first, but my computer is so slow at the moment that some of the creatures for which I am offering an ID are probably long dead/migrated/extinct by the time my suggestion finally appears...


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