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Soldier beetles on wild carrot

Observed: 17th July 2011 By: HanjagueHanjague’s reputation in PlantsHanjague’s reputation in PlantsHanjague’s reputation in Plants
wild carrot
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If you put the Latin in, you

If you put the Latin in, you will see the related observations and folk are more likely to agree. You can get this if you don't know the Latin by typing the English name, and then clicking 'Get recommended'. In general, choose a species over a subspecies if you are offered both (as you will be here). To complete the story, the soldier-beetles are Rhagonycha fulva.



recording wildlife with The Recorder's Year on www.hbrg.org.uk/TRY.html.

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Thanks, I wasn't sure which Latin name to choose, hence left it blank, I will choose the species in future.

The Recorder's Year looks interesting, but Scotland is the other end of the country to me.