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Mute Swan

Observed: 31st December 2011 By: ab9967
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Mute Swan
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Hi, it's more then likely a Mute Swan but you cannot really tell from the image.

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Tail length

Tail length is a good thing to look at when swans are feeding and in flight. Those of Mute Swans are longer than those of the others.

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Thanks David

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Conclusive feature?

Not something that I'd be prepared to use if a certain identification was required!

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Try it!

In the north it works well for differentiating between Whoopers and Mutes and has been used by some old hands for many years. It is also worth looking at the tail shape as these differ too - pointed in Mute and straight in Whooopers. The differences are shown well in Madge & Burns - Wildfowl.

It is often a trick used in mystery photos: I'm not sure if British Birds used in the past, but it might be worth checking.

all the best for 2012


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Will do.

Thanks David.

I don't doubt that this is a feature than can be used effectively, and I am aware that Mute Swans tails are typically longer and more pointed - I think that it's definitely a feature that requires experience before it should be used as more than a 'guide' though (and anything other than Mute Swans are too scarce in my area for me to see them on anything more than on an infrequent basis). ;o)