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Hawthorn shieldbug nymph

Observed: 10th July 2009 By: StegWStegW’s reputation in InvertebratesStegW’s reputation in Invertebrates
Mystery Bug

A small insect. approx 2-3mm. Green body with distinct pattern on abdomen (see picture).

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Hello, Watson Family! Welcome

Hello, Watson Family! Welcome to iSpot. I'm no expert on shieldbugs so hopefully someone will confirm (or correct) my ID, but I think what you have here is a nymph (= baby) hawthorn shieldbug.

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I see what Jonathan means, but the legs and antennae are dark, and that plus the overall appearance make it look more like the nymph of the Woundwort Shieldbug to me. Bug nymphs do vary quite a lot as they grow through various stages (instars) so I'm not 100% certain of this one.
Do you have Hedge Woundwort growing anywhere nearby? They are sometimes seen on other plants as well, e.g. Stinging Nettles.

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