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Observed: 1st January 2012 By: Peadar na BreacPeadar na Breac’s reputation in InvertebratesPeadar na Breac’s reputation in InvertebratesPeadar na Breac’s reputation in InvertebratesPeadar na Breac’s reputation in Invertebrates
Clausilia (Clausilia) bidentata
Clausilia (Clausilia) bidentata

The second photograph shows the snail which is about four plus feet up a wall at a right angle to its shell and the shell is not supported by anything.Quite a feat of strength.

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Thanks for that Martin..

I put that up especially for your approval having visited the Irish Mollusc site you recommended.New Years day was for the most part Spring like and that particular wall was alive with these fellas.
Thanks again

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New Year's Day

It was mild and I photographed a bumblebee collecting pollen from Lonicera x purpusii (the winter flowering shrubby honeysuckle). This snail is present in most of England but the map for Ireland looks rather sparse.

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Possibly due..

to under recording?

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I am not sure

I do not think we can assume that.

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lost years

Oh I think we should assume that.
I conducted a survey here in Orkney to find hundreds at sites not mentioned in the local biocentre.
Nearly all the records here, of maybe 10 sorts of minis, are made by visiting experts.
I found 6 sorts in my own garden - I had never heard of them prior to 11 months ago!
They are everywhere!
So, c'mon Peadar, get cracking, you've lost nearly two years already!

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I was referring to Ireland

not Orkney. There were numerous Conchological Society recording trips in the last century and I even went on one myself.
Have not been to Orkney.