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Observed: 3rd January 2012 By: Sarahhubert

mushrooms growing in large circles on open playing field in Morden South London. Last year the same circles of mushrooms were edible field mushrooms and I want to know if these are edible.
Light coloured gills, vary in size up to about 15cms diameter.


Caution: Do NOT use iSpot to identify fungi to eat!

Some fungi are very poisonous so a mistaken ID could have serious consequences.

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There are experts here who

There are experts here who might be able to give you an identification but there are also some very inexperienced fungi people who might make a suggestion. Are you really willing to trust your health to that mix of people? I would say you should never eat anything you could not identify yourself.
If you want to learn which to eat stick around here for a while or better still join a local group and enjoy the learning process.


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A similar but longer established identification forum DELETES any post asking if a given photograph is an edible species, and members are banned from making any comment on edibility, or from giving an ID if it is suspected that edibility is in the mind of the poster. I feel that should apply here - certainly I am not going to comment on the identity of the species, except to say that I am NOT confident that the currently suggested ID is correct.

Whatever its ID, the photograph is sufficiently similar to certain Entoloma species for someone to say "Hey, that looks just like the fungus I have." That may then be amongst the last things they ever do say.

As is only too evident from IDs we see on iSpot, many people make identifications from superficial resemblences to pictures, without understanding the key characters or reading any accompanying text, or even checking if the species they claim is British. In the recent past we have had someone, with great confidence, stating that a photograph was a given toadstool species, which in fact is only found in Mexico.

In any case, photographs can be misleading. Even a true expert can get IDs wrong from photographs and one of this country's top experts refuses even to try.

Do not ever eat a fungus based simply on an ID on iSpot.


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... or better still buy them

... or better still buy them from shops :-)

I've eaten wild mushrooms but since getting involved here I've discovered just how hard it is to be sure of which is which...

Here is a sad story about an experienced mushroom gatherer who made a mistake:

... and this is about a leading mycologist who also ate one too many...

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