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Basidiomycota; Clouded Funnel 3

Observed: 22nd December 2011 By: Beagle
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Basidiomycota; Clouded Funnel 3
Basidiomycota; Clouded Funnel 3

Growing on partly buried branches in deciduous woodland close to fields(heath). Also, in close proximity to Puffballs.


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Tend to agree with Flaxton

Tend to agree with Flaxton with this ID although can you remember if they were really this brownish as C. nebularis is usually greyer.

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I think this is to do with

I think this is to do with the flash photo. With a quick "tweak" in Paintshop or Photoshop you soon get a more accurate grey colour.

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I have recently changed my laptop and using its new installed software. This may be the explanation for the 'brown tone'. If my memory serves me well the natural light was 'flattish', so flash was used and also the group was enclosed by trees and leaf litter which may have reflected some of the brown tones around it reducing the grey of the fungi. However I am speculating as the tonal balance seems O.K. Thanks for your interest.