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Reputation on iSpot

A couple of suggestions.
I think people should get points (or fractions of a point) for clicking on “I agree”. I am sure there are many people just viewing images that they are happy with the ID, but then they do not click on “I agree”. If people thought they would gain from agreeing then more people would click on “I agree”. At the moment, I think there are people viewing the site, but not interacting as much as they could.
I am not sure how many points I need to get three stars in the mammal group. I suspect I am going to have to submit a considerable number of squirrel images to get anywhere near four, let alone five. Fishes is another group that the points system appears a bit harsh.



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I may be wrog, but I thought

I may be wrong, but I thought you did get a point for agreeing. That's why I do it!!

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You get a point for getting

You get a point for getting an agreement (or a fraction of one, depending on the reputation of the person agreeing), but not for clicking I agree. The reason we do not reward someone who gives agreements is that this could lead to gaming the reputation system. Ie clicking to get a point, not because you actually agree.

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