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"Heeland Coo", Isle of Wight

Observed: 4th December 2011 By: David Trevan
Isle of Wight Natural History & Archaeological Soc
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Highland Cow
Highland Cow

There seem to be several herds of these on the Isle of Wight, always a lovely sight to see. apparently they are really very docile,but have a formidable appearance.Obviously, very hardy,they yield excellent beef. The calves look like woolly toys!!

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Highland cattle

An unmistakeable breed, they always draw the crowds at farming shows. One enterprising farmer, at the Yorkshire Show this year, was selling the chance to have your photo taken with a calf; 50p a time and he had a queue all day!

Graham Banwell

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Highland Cows!

Hi Graham,
Yes they are rather special, there is at least one farm on the Isle of Wight that has them, in fact I've seen more here than when I went on holiday in Scotland!
We used to have them grazing on the cliffs here during the winter months. I understand they are really very gentle beasts, certainly very photogenic, thanks for your comment.
Dave T

David J Trevan