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Large Fly

Observed: 24th August 2011 By: NaTuReNaTuRe’s reputation in InvertebratesNaTuRe’s reputation in InvertebratesNaTuRe’s reputation in Invertebrates
Large Fly

Large fly at least 3x the size of a honey bee or common hoverfly. ~4cm in length.

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That sounds a bit big for anything i have seen?
What flower was it feeding on?
I would like to look up the flower and compare it with the size of that in order to confirm that it really it 4cm long.


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In the Zone

Its a Whopper :-)

Volucella zonaria also called the hornet mimic hoverfly CAN be up to 45 mm if it is the Wing Span that is being referred to

Its a good point you make always cite whether it is Wingspan or Body Length etc however these are immensily difficult to evaluate in the Field It is on the Buddleja Bush



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I have worked it out

Those Buddleja flowers can get to a good 6.5cm so yes is is a large fly. The hornet mimics i know of are Sawflies. I was just a bit surprised!