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White flower

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White flower
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You may well be right, as it is very common in Western Crete. My memory of it, though, is of a rather more softly hairy plant, with longish flower stalks and with less lobes on the leaves, more like V. hederifolia. I was never on Crete earlier than April, though, so at this time of year I am not sure of what is flowering.

Difficult, as so many Veronicas can have white flowers. V. agrestis is listed for Crete in "Flora of the Cretan area" Turland, Chilton and Press, together with 13 other species. [That may be out of date now, though]


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You're welcome for the id

To be honest, I posted the suggestion of Green Field Speedwell before I realised that your plant was photographed in Crete. Otherwise I would have suggested the family 'Veronica' only and not stabbed at a specific species. It does however look like Green field Speedwell and I have posted a similar image myself of this species.

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