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Can anyone identify these plants?

On doing a walk which involves documenting and later identifying flora and fauna along a route, I came across this plant. I wondered if anyone here can help with identification...?

Sorry theye aren't clear photo's and don't show leaves, but the flowers and berries are very distinctive.

The walk was november time, and these were growing in a hedgerow in chalky soil. (ridgeway, oxon)





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These are the lovely pink and orange fruits of Euonymus europaeus or Spindle tree. For most of the year the tree is inconspicuous but in autumn it has dark red leaves and these brilliantly coloured fruit. Found in woods and hedges, especially on lime. Also planted in parks and gardens.

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Yes, definitely Spindle.

You ought to post the photos on the main site, as an observation, rather than just in the forum. Then, many more people would see them and comment.


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