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Shag Lice at 20x

Observed: 11th October 2009 By: Danny the PirateDanny the Pirate’s reputation in InvertebratesDanny the Pirate’s reputation in Invertebrates
Shag Lice at 20x
Shag Lice at 80x

Lice on a shag, one pictuer at 20x and one at 80x

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Shag lice

We need more lice on iSpot. Where did you find these? On a dead bird?

Richard Jones

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I found them on a Shag I took

I found them on a Shag I took into care on the Isles of Scilly, I'm intrested in parasites for several reasons but one is listing and as parasites are offten host specific they are worth looking for on any find. The parasite evolves with the species as there is limited contact with other similar species e.g. in this case shags nest in colonys so contact within other birds the colony is the main way of ectoparasite exchange. I'll be checkinh things my cat brings back!

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more lice

I've got a Mallophaga louse on a Louse fly (Ornithomya) which I shall add - I guessed that it was 'phoretic'

Both fly and louse that I've collected look exactly like this

Edit: here's the promised louse, any help with the species is welcome:


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