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Andrena Fulva female.

Observed: 27th March 2010 By: markstruttonmarkstrutton’s reputation in Invertebratesmarkstrutton’s reputation in Invertebrates
Tawny Mining Bee 001
Tawny Mining Bee wing 004
Tawny Mining Bee lateral 003
Tawny Mining Bee leg 002

Early flying bee, red thorax hairs, orange abdomen hairs.

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Pollen baskets.

A nice shot of a female Andrena fulva, a very distinctive orange and black bee.

If it can't collect pollen, its going to be one cross lady bee. Andrena species don't have the two rows of long corbicular (pollen basket)hairs on the hind tibia like bumblebees and honey bees, instead their hind tibia is covered in a thick brush of stiff bristles, the pollen grains get pushed between these and into hair fringed pockets on the hind coxae.

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