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Lady with an Ermine

Observed: 9th November 2011 By: FerretmanFerretman’s reputation in Mammals
Lady with an Ermine

Image of white (? albino) mustelid, probably a ferret within the celebrated portrait of the 'Lady with an Ermine' by Leonardo da Vinci

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I agree

Way too large for a stoat. Proportionally, I'm more concerned with the woman's hand; her fingers (with respect, Leonardo), are more like tentacles.

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Interesting posting, I agree it is far too chunky to be a stoat or a weasel. I also agree it is an albino. It could, of course, be an albino polecat or martin.

However, albino ferrets were very popular in 15th century Britain, and I assume Italy, because they were easy to find when ratting or hunting rabbit. I am happy this is such an animal, however, I suspect it was supposed to be a stoat because as such it would have great symbolic significance being associated with purity and if I'm not mistaken the portrait is of a young teenage girl.

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