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Observed: 7th November 2011 By: jw7984
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Coppicing of Alder trees. Some dead alders were left for insects and birds but the main alder copice was cleared in order to let light reach the woodland floor and to encourage regrowth of the alder trees as they are quite rare and would otherwise die. A horse called Painter was used to help remove some of tree trunks (the traditional method) but mainly chain saws, quad bikes and brute force were used.

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I have agreed with Alder trees, but have also added an ID with the scientific name, which is the accepted way to add an identification.

You need the scientific name, really, as there are other species of Alder (Alnus), so without the scientific name, it is not really clear to which one you are referring.


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