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Bird synsacrum

Observed: 3rd December 2011 By: Graeme
The Anton River Conservation Association
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Skull 3.12.11.Rooksbury Mill 001
Skull 3.12.11.Rooksbury Mill 002
Skull 3.12.11.Rooksbury Mill 003
Skull 3.12.11.Rooksbury Mill 004
Skull 3.12.11.Rooksbury Mill 005

Think this is a skull? but of what animal I don't know

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I had thought that after

I had thought that after seeing spring watch a moment ago (tahat's what reminded me to post it), but wasn't too sure.

Graeme Davis

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Correctly, this is the

Correctly, this is the synsacrum - the pelvic bones fused to most of the lower vertebrae. In the second picture you can clearly see the fused chain of vertebrae in the middle on the underside. It provides rigidity to the skeleton in flight. This structure that causes more puzzlement than almost anything else posted on iSpot, usually assumed to be the skull of some strange beast.



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