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Mottled Umber?

Observed: 25th December 2011 By: DaudiDaudi’s reputation in InvertebratesDaudi’s reputation in InvertebratesDaudi’s reputation in Invertebrates

Wingspan maybe 35mm. Black spot on forewing. Other markings less defined, but margins are chequered. Hindwings pale. I gather Mottled Umbers vary quite a bit - could this be one?

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Mottled Umber

Many thanks for the confirmation. Service even on Christmas Day - how good is that?


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Its one I havent recorded yet

Its one I havent recorded yet Daudi, at first I thought it might be Dotted border, one I am more familiar with- had to check book just to see the 2 against each other. I should go out and try and record this one before its too late, thats IF it occurs here?

Yours is a little worn but still very identifiable.