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Possible shearwaters

Observed: 15th October 2011 By: AlfozAlfoz’s reputation in Birds
Possible shearwaters
Possible shearwaters

These birds were flying fairly high, hence poor photos. They were flying in "V" formation. heading south in mid afternoon. I would estimate several hundred altogether.

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None of the birds show any of the black armpits that is characteristic of the Grey Plover. I agree, they are Plovers though and as Shrike suggests, are more than likely to be Golden Plovers

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Respect your comments but all the birds have black axillaries (armpits). It's a difficult call though. I might be wrong but the winter plumage diagrams I'm looking at show the Golden Plover with no black bar under the wings. These clearly have the black bar.

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These birds do not have black

These birds do not have black axillaries - see for an indication of what the mark is, even in winter plumage. They form a large semicircular black patch extending well on to the underside of the wing.



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I'd go for Golden. The

I'd go for Golden. The axillaries look white to me and Grey plover should show much more obvious black armpits.

IMHO the apparent black 'armpit' in these photos is an extension of the breast markings, which look darker than they normally would do - presumably due to light conditions when the photo was taken. If you look up 'Golden plover in flight' in Google you'll find a few examples where the breast markings continue onto the underwing area.


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ID confirmation

A close call but accept your arguement, regards Chris