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Unknown lifeform.

Observed: 24th December 2011 By: moremothmoremoth’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensmoremoth’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensmoremoth’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensmoremoth’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
Unknown lifeform

Yellow, gelatinous growth with grey spores.


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More information

I wrote a lot about this and it all disappeared when I entered it! The yellow exterior is gelatinous. The grey dust-like substance appears to be spores and there is quite a lot of this substance. The green spots round the outside are presumably algae. Is it a fungus or perhaps a slime mould? Judging from the algae it must have been in this form for some while.

Bill Welch

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This might help

I have posted my observation for comparison:

It has none of the spore-like granules, but shares some other features.


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The grey stuff

This stuff looks like it has dropped onto it from above and could be from another fungus or slime mold that has washed away as it is unevenly distributed over the surface. I could come up with a list of what the main orange stuff.


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Grey Stuff

I thought at first it was some sort of dust or ash that had been dropped on it. Had something been burned there? But I looked carefully and there wasn't any of this material around, just inside this and another, smaller one that was right next to it. I stirred it with a stick and was able to pull a lot of the grey stuff out. However strange, it did seem to originate inside this object. If synangium is right, this would be the spores of an Earth Ball.

Bill Welch