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Unusual pine tree

Observed: 20th December 2011 By: dyplantdyplant’s reputation in Plants

Scots Pine in plantation with cones born directly on branches and trunk. Is this a know variation/disease?

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Pinus sylvestris

If you want to put this ID forward, correct the scientific name as above. If you add an English name and then press 'Get recommended', iSpot does it for you...the easiest way!

Edit: I do agree with Syrphus, below, by the way...


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I don't think these cones

I don't think these cones look like P. sylvestris with these long spines on the scales, so check before you add another ID.



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Pinus sylvestris

I agree with the previous comments,don't think this is Pinus sylvestris, the cones are far too large, you need a close up of the needles to look at their characteristics- how long, number of needles in a bundle and colour, which varies.

David J Trevan

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Thank you MrG.

Thank you MrG. www.archive.org has some very similar photos of cones borne directly on the branches.