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Stunned sparrowhawk.

Observed: 3rd August 2011 By: nightflynightfly’s reputation in Birdsnightfly’s reputation in Birdsnightfly’s reputation in Birds
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The buff edges to the feathers of the back and wings show it to be a young bird. Sexing is more tricky, as the picture from above does not give a clear idea of size and shape. Possibly a young male...not sure.


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Thanks very much Ophrys, as I

Thanks very much Ophrys, as I said above I'm pretty sure Ive only ever seen 1 adult grey male sparrowhawk, but I see several brown ones yearly. I just cant figure out why I dint see more grey males, they arent an uncommon bird here. I had previously thought all thr brown ones were females.

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Females can either be brown or a grey/blue.
Males are always more lighter blue but size difference is usually king to tell gender