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2011-12-07 10.27.25 Fungus

Observed: 7th December 2011 By: Cardiff Boy 2Cardiff Boy 2’s reputation in Fungi and LichensCardiff Boy 2’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
2011-12-07 10.27.25 Fungus

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When you 3 say 'Chlorophyllum' is that specific species (only one in my Phillips) or does it include the macrolepiota and other lepiota? I'd rather assumed it could be a macrolepiota, quite similar to Phillips pic of m. konradii (and right time and habitat) but apparently that isn't common.

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This group started out as

This group started out as Lepiota moved to Macroleptiota and now to Chlorophyllum. C brunneum was Lepiota rhacodes var. hortensis and also Lepiota bohemica. Lepiota olivieri is now C olivieri and the common or garden C rachodes has been through Lepiota and Macrolepiota rhacodes.
Lepiota konradii moved to Macrolepiota but as yet has not moved as far as Chlorophyllum.
All I can say is it is one of that group. Someone else might feel confident enough to give it a species name