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Flat fly

Observed: 22nd July 2010 By: rjbeerjbee’s reputation in Invertebratesrjbee’s reputation in Invertebratesrjbee’s reputation in Invertebrates

A parasite of House Martins which I find annually under the colony on my house.

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There aren't many things in nature that make my skin crawl but this is definitately one of them.

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ha this reminds me of bird

ha this reminds me of bird ringing,they never bit me tho and didnt seem to stay on you for long.


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yes I am a ringer and see more of these than I would like :)

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House Martin

I have never seen this species, but it keys out easily, even from a photo, with the RES guide: The long and narrow wings are characterisitic of it. According to the guide, it is mainly found on House Martin, but occasionally on Swallow and Sand Martin, too. Also, on House Sparrows, if they take over a House Martin nest.

I have been checking quite a few flat flies, this summer, from small passerines on my ringing site, and they all come out as Ornithomya species, both chloropus and fringillina.

When ringing, they generally fly from the bird, to my head and then into my car, where I can pot them up for later examination! They are very common in late summer.


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Thanks for the information Ian - I'm now a little more reassured that my parrot won't get an infestation!