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Observed: 22nd December 2011 By: PeeJay
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New to me

ID please......

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Sorry- meant to click 'it

Sorry- meant to click 'it might be this'. Pink eyes suggest its an albino, the shape looks grass snake to me but I would have to say adder form the faint markings.

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It looks a bit pale. This is most likely because it is shedding it's skin.


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The eye looks a bit cloudy to

The eye looks a bit cloudy to me, like it has cataracts, rather than pink. This happens when the snake is about to moult, and (assuming it was alive) I would guess that this explains the pale colour. As to species, I will leave that to the experts.



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This is certainly an escaped pet, albinos are extremely rare in the wild, primarily due to predation. King snakes are very good at escaping too. It probably won't last too long outside as it's more used to temperatures between 20-30C. They are perfectly safe and generally make good pets.

It's certainly an albino. You would be able to make out the true colours of a moulting snake, but covered by a blue/grey sheen. If this were a normally coloured king snake the pinkish-white buts would be black and the yellowish-white bits would be white.

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I will also add that records of both adders and grass snake are extremely rare in the part of the country and most that do exist are now unfortunately very old.

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King snake

Take a close look at the patten and you will see it does not fit either adder or grass snake, the darker areas are much too large and blotchy. Also my sister lives in this area and Masked Marvel is right both adder and grass snake are absent or very rare here.

I notice you saw this close to the Sir John Deane's sixth form college, I wonder if they keep snakes?

Graham Banwell

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