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Strange goose

Observed: 23rd October 2007 By: Janet Guy
 strange goose
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A close call but the colour of the legs seem to match C.picta

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For Shelduck, read Sheldgoose. Both are included within the Tadorninae, so not a major error!


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A close call but I concede my

A close call but I concede my id was wrong. Also think some of the rusty markings lower down the neck and the lack of a white eye ring suggests female Upland goose.

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Falkland Upland Goose/Greater Magellan Goose

The bolder black and white contrasting barring on flanks surely makes this the i.d. but I stand to be corrected. I'm going by Sir Peter Scott's illustration in the Key to the Wildfowl of the female.
scientific name:Chloephaga picta leucoptera