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Chalkhill blue, possibly

Observed: 19th April 2005 By: Janet Guy
 Chalkhill blue, possibly

Seen in Southern Spain in Spring. When flying it looked completely turquoise and blended in completely with the blue-green plants on which it landed. The brown you can see is the underside of its forewing. I'm almost certain it was turquoisish all over the upper side, as that is what attracted my attention, although I don't now remember whether I saw it settled showing upper side.Wingspan 25-30mm, going by memory.

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chalkhill blue (?)

Have seen Provence hairstreaks before but they are brown/orange on upper parts and more definitely green underneath, are they not?

Janet Guy

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Provence Hairstreak

Quite right, but what I see in your picture is a butterfly with green hindwings and bold black spotting on the forewings. The angle is difficult, but there is nothing else like it in the European fauna. As far as I know, this species invariably settles with its wings closed. By the way, the females are more brightly coloured than the males.