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Can anyone ID this?

Observed: 20th December 2011 By: alexjball
Can anyone ID this?

This was seen in the morning near the top of a large fir tree. It was the size of a large domestic cat. I'd love to know what it is as have never seen anything like it in this country before.

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It looks like a squirrel but the size you describe is perplexing.

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Yeah it was the size that

Yeah it was the size that bothered me, unfortunately there is nothing in the photo to give an idea of scale but i think it was much too large to be a squirrel. I will be keeping an eye out for it to make another appearance and hopefully get a better photo! It also seemed to be more tan in colour than grey, again hopefully future photos may shed some light on the issue.

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OK, the only comment I will add is that Grey Squirrels can have quite a bit of tan colouring in their fur, especially in sunlight.

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A primate look to it

It looks to have both forelimbs lifted above its head, which is a posture/movement I'd more readily associate with a primate. But it could just be a very large squirrel with one forelimb raised, scratching its head or whatever. Interesting!

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Grey squirrel

Size from a photograph without some object to scale to is always a problem.
I feel the answer to this one is a well fed, nuts and fruit having been plentiful this year, grey squirrel sitting out on a branch sunning and preening.
The paws behind the head are it reaching up to wash behind its ears(small boys take note).