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Fungi Gravel 2 Fungi Lawn 2

Observed: 20th December 2011 By: MichaelCross
Fungi Gravel 2
Fungi Lawn 2

FG 2 is an image of a robust conical fungi growing in the gravel of a driveway out of, what I believe to be, an old tree root.
FL 2 is an image of a small fungi growing out of a lawn.


No identification made yet.

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Hard to say.........

Hard to say what these are without a shot of the underside of the cap.


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Michael Welcome. It would

Welcome. It would help us to help you get an identification is you could give a bit more information. This is either photos of the gills and stem or descriptions of these and the area local trees etc.
It is also best to post each fungi as a separate observation.