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Seaweed 3

Observed: 18th December 2011 By: beccasroberts

Seaweed found on a sandy beach (Roanhead), Cumbria.

  • Oak Weed
    Confidence: It might be this.
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Oar weeds

Oar weeds (rather than Oak weeds) is a common name for some of the large brown algae, especially in the genus Laminaria. These grow from lowest water into the sub-littoral.
This looks (thanks to the useful inclusion of a scale) like one of these. The photo appears to show a single bade arising from a bare stipe whose holdfast is missing, as one would expect as it was found on a beach. There are not many single bladed species. Alaria esculenta has an obvious midrib and wavy margins to the frond. Saccharina latissima (previously known as Laminaria saccharina) has a wavy margin but no midrib.
The edges of this specimen do not look wavy, and I can see no midrib. Did you make any notes?
Have a look at


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Thank you for your help. Oak

Thank you for your help. Oak weed was just a typo, sorry about that! I don't have any notes but I'll know what to look for next time I see one. So thanks again.

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Oars, ribs and holdfasts

It's kinda sad to see such posts consigned to History.
Rebecca, you are still here (Walnut) so wake us up with some more Maine Algae posts (please!), as you have the right idea about photography.
This is almost certainly Badderlocks (or even Dabberlocks) - I maybe imagining a midrib of course!
More please.