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Observed: 18th December 2011 By: Lucy CorranderLucy Corrander’s reputation in PlantsLucy Corrander’s reputation in PlantsLucy Corrander’s reputation in Plants
                               GREEN SEAWEED WITH LITTLE BALLS

Tangled in bundles with other seaweeds thrown up on beach. Strands of green with little balls - each one about 2 - 3mm across.

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deep south

Origin 17 March
EDIT Typo (and hoping Sheila may get flagged again)
Sheila, this has been lurking you have any more thoughts or pointers for me, about its ID?
If I agree with Paula, it might become likely.

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Sargassum muticum

The stalked gas vesicles are a feature of this invasive species of brown seaweed.
I don't know whether to agree one or both of the correct IDs. Does it make it more likely if I agree both that, eventually the ID of A. nodosum is over-ruled?


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try it

Origin 21st March
Yes, I think Paula is correct but I was still waiting for Sheila. My agreement makes no difference, as you see. Yours added is not likely either - such is the power of five icons. Try it on Paula's, I think Scot may have left the arena, though I hope not..
Yes, one of the most comforting aspects of iSpot is that one can remove an agreement (and move it of course)

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Correcting IDs

dj, you were right, my agreement made no difference.
Suppose Fenwickfield ( whom I have now realised is Sheila) does change her mind, is it possible for her to delete her ID?


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Now I have found my ow Sargassum muticum I can see how Sheila may have been fooled.
I have left a note in her latest post - she cannot delete her ID, though I bet she wished she could!
There are a good number of Sargassum muticums with only one or two agreements - let's strengthen them (please?)!

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Sorry about the delay in responding but I am in the middle of moving house closer to the Scottish borders and no internet until next Thursday or phone so just picked this up while having a quick look on the computer down at my partners house.