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_MG_3897 fungus

Observed: 20th December 2011 By: miked
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A little (approx 5mm) hoof like fungus growing on moss it seems, ones in middle of picture are turned up so you can see the hollow in the centre of the 'hoof'. possibly something like Arrhenia?


No identification made yet.

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I have encountered what looks like the same species recently, also seemingly growing on moss, but haven't got around to posting it, so I'll be interested to find out what this might be.

Edit: Your Arrhenia suggestion looks good. A. acerosa seems to have the common name of Moss Oysterling, at least, and some images of A. retiruga (if correctly identified) look halfway near.


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Trouble is i can't make out

Trouble is i can't make out any gills, might try to find them again to get a proper closeup as they really are rather small.

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You can see from bottom image

You can see from bottom image that there are no gills, this image is looking from below.