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Willow tree

Observed: 12th December 2011 By: carol21
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Weeping willow (Salix bablyonica)- twigs smooth, yellow

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Thank you - does S.babylonica

Thank you - does S.babylonica not have such 'weeping' branches?

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Basis of Id

Golden Weeping Willow is a cross between Salix babylonica, which gives its weeping habit, and S. alba var. vitellina, a variety of White Willow with yellow shoots. Collins Tree Guide (2004) describes Golden Weeping Willow as abundant and S. babylonica as confined to a few collections. Hillier's Trees and Shrubs says the latter has brown branches and has been largely superseded. I haven't knowingly seen a specimen of S. babylonica.

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Thank you - it seems I was

Thank you - it seems I was rather misguided by an older book. The Kew Gardens web site says there are few specimens left (of S.babylonica) because of its limited frost hardiness, further evidence of this being most likely Salix x seppulchralis 'Chrysocoma'.