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Blue Tit

Observed: 18th December 2011 By: FenwickfieldFenwickfield’s reputation in BirdsFenwickfield’s reputation in BirdsFenwickfield’s reputation in BirdsFenwickfield’s reputation in Birds
Blue Tit
Blue Tit (2)
Blue Tit (3)

Good job the nut was not any bigger as beak fully open

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Young bird

The primary coverts, visible in the first picture as a small triangle below the white wing bar, are not blue like an adult, but are grey-greenish coloured. These are juvenile feathers and show that the bird was born this year.


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That is good news as I have been looking at the feather's but still was not sure if it was an adult or not look's healthy.I saw an article in the B.T.O magazine about the reduction in clutch size and survival of young this year.I am going to try and take more observations of my nesting Blue tits next year and see how they do,I had 7 nesting pairs in boxes last year.