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Xanthoria parietina

Observed: 17th December 2011 By: miked
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Xanthoria parietina

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Amazing, thanks very much for

Amazing, thanks very much for that I'd not come across Xanthoriicola physciae before but will look out for it in future.

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Not sure what the etiquette is either, but I have switched my agreement so that Alan's ID becomes the 'definitive' one here, simply to allow an entry for X. physciae in the database (although it won't tie in with other observations unless they are also ID'd specifically as "Xanthoria parietina + Xanthoriicola physciae").


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I will put this observation

I will put this observation on again so can agree for both species, think i have found Xanthoriicola physciae at another location so will put that on again too

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See also

See also http://www.ispot.org.uk/node/241383 which has the Xanthoria parietina so can have this current observation for the Xanthoriicola physciae and that other observation for the Xanthoria