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Otter spraint

Observed: 21st March 2010 By: Barnmead
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Lump of greyish material near a bridge over a stream with footprints close by. Otters have been increasing in numbers in Norfolk.

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Did it smell of fish, have fish scales in it? If not maybe Mink spraint with fur in it

Colin Jacobs.
Wild Flower Society member

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I was told that otter spraint has a faint smell of hay, rather than fish. But should have fish scales in it for sure.

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Didn't get that near I'm

Didn't get that near I'm afraid!


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I've blown this up and can not see any fur, only fish bones. However, hidden amongst debris is an unusual place to find otter spraints, although under a bridge is a good place.

They are pungent, actually smells like jasmine tea, which I think smells of fish anyway! When I used to train people to look for otters I always carried a flask of jasmine tea so they could identify the smell.

Because they use their spraints to make territory, and they are so smelly, otters usually defecate on a high point so the smell spreads better. Was this in a more prominent position than the photos implies? Could it have been washed down by rain from a higher vantage point further up the bank?

Graham Banwell

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I suppose it could have been washed down. That was what I was told it was on a nature walk that is done by NWT each month. The photo was taken from a bridge. I couldn't make them out, but they said there were footprints nearby as well.