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Mystery jelly.

Observed: 1st December 2011 By: lediboy
Mystery jelly.
Mystery jelly

Mass of gelatinous material very similar to frog spawn but without any embryos.

  • Frog spawn protective jelly
    Confidence: It might be this.
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Similar things have been

Similar things have been posted before and I think they turned out to be fungi. It doesn't look like frogspawn so maybe try transferring to to fungi and lichens?

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There have been lots of

There have been lots of postings of this stuff on ispot, see here http://www.ispot.org.uk/node/10095, amphibians seem to be the best explanation, although I don't know what frogspawn is doing around at this time of the year

Rob Coleman

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This stuff fascinates me, it can even be found high in trees. If you search for it on iSpot you'll find other records and much discussion. There is even a link to someone who has looked at it under a microscope. I suspect there are a number of phenomenon creating very similar jelly and perhaps all explanations are correct, obviously not for every blob of jelly though!

As for this one, I doubt it is frog spawn jelly at this time of the year, even with a mild winter it is very early.

Graham Banwell

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