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Observed: 15th December 2011 By: NJM
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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In oak woodland, growing on a fallen twig.
Approx 2cm in diameter, possibly a Mycena sp.


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It might be M flavoalba. It

It might be M flavoalba. It does not look right for M galopus var alba another white Mycena

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I think best bet is M

I think best bet is M flavoabla. Pity there was only one there.

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NJM, i wonder if you could

NJM, i wonder if you could check the location of your observation as at the moment it is in the wrong place

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At first I didn't understand

At first I didn't understand this comment, but now I do... and I have to agree that Claydon Wood is unlikely to be in the map location currently indicated :-D

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Ah put in the same co-ords for both long and lat:).

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Looks better

Looks better now.
Incidentally for my reference could you say how you enter your locations as there are several different options and we are trying to find which are most prone to error and why people use the different methods. You can contact me direct via the contact button at bottom of page if you don't want to continue these comments on the observations.