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Encrustation (absolutely beautiful) on living laurel

Observed: 7th May 2011 By: jemccjemcc’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

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I would agree with the

I would agree with the description but have no idea what it might be.

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Could it be the early stage

Could it be the early stage of Phellinus pomaceus? I'm not sure if there is a relationship between Prunus and Lauraceae. Is that darker area the beginnings of a bracket-like structure, or is it completely resupinate?

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Responding to Could it be the early stage

I don't think the darker area is the beginning of a bracket like structure. It was definitely resupinate with very slightly curling edges - I will try to post a 3rd photo (poor quality) to showing the curling edges
I went back to have a look at it yesterday and the whole area has been cleared! - it had been a mixture of sycamore and mature laurel