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Ui spider Belski's

Observed: 3rd May 2010 By: Shadow30Shadow30’s reputation in InvertebratesShadow30’s reputation in InvertebratesShadow30’s reputation in Invertebrates
Ui spider Belski's
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Daddy Long Legs Spider

Although the books say this is a spider of outhouses and indoors. We had them in upturned, large patio pots, stored overwinter, behind our summerhouse. This was last winter, the hardest for some years. The females,4 of them, all carried egg sacs and young spiders were seen later.

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That's interesting to know - whereabouts are you? Has anyone else seen them outside buildings?

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Daddy long Legs Spider

We are located in Colchester, in the N.E. of Essex. I have photo,s of the spiders in question which have already been posted on i-spot earlier this year.
Perhaps some explanation is due as to the photo dates (July) althhough they were taken in July I joined i-spot in that month but had noted the spuiders earlier in the year and wanted an ident as I was puzzled by their habitat