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Unknown fungi

Observed: 14th December 2011 By: JAW946
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Unknown fungi

Dark brown ball 2cm diam. Growing on an old log pile within a small wood. A solitary specimen.


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"However, the guide describes

"However, the guide describes the flesh as concentrically zoned silver-grey and black. My specimen has beige and brown zones."
I would say that is a pretty good reason for it not being Daldinia. The other thing is that when it is young it is uniform brown and smooth when older it is black and smooth. So again yours looks nothing like the suggested species.

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Thanks for your comments,

Thanks for your comments, can't argue with any off that. Will now change to unknown. Have you seen anything like this before? I have been unable to track it down, so any help will be gratefully accepted.


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With that internal colour I

With that internal colour I have no real idea but it could be just a very young bracket of some kind.