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Observed: 14th December 2011 By: keithphotos.evans

this is a pic of the gills for id from early pic hope it helps


No identification made yet.

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Clustered Bonnet gills...

I'll be interested in flaxton's comments...

Here is what it says on Wikipedia:
"The gills have a decurrent attachment to the stem (that is, running down the length of the stem) and are a pale brownish color with tinges of red. They are broad (between 3 and 6 mm), and have a close to subdistant spacing, with about 26–35 gills reaching the stem". Extract quoted in

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This makes it sound as though

This makes it sound as though the gills should be decurrent something like Clitocybe nebularis but in most of my literature they are described as adnexed to adnate with just a decurrent tooth. The colour is white at first becoming greyish sometimes with pinkish or vinaceous tones. This is to me quite a good description of what we have got. The number is about right but it is difficult to gauge the width. They (as the name implies) are normally found in large numbers but they can occasionally be found singly.

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Those gills are not

Those gills are not decurrent. Any chance of a spore print? I'm wondering if it could be an Entoloma.

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link to

link to as same observation. that stem makes me think of somethign other than mycena but not sure what.