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Observed: 6th December 2011 By: Luis de GrouchyLuis de Grouchy’s reputation in Plants

A row of daffodils have sarted to flower in the lane outside our house. I havee never come accross this before

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Someone might have planted them.

Bill Welch

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Native species but ...

This indeed is true Narcissus pseudonarcissus, the probably native species in Britain - and it should be noted that quite often, daffodils posted to iSpot are not this (even if there is careless agreement by someone with an 'expert badge').

However, in its apparently truly wild sites, it is not given to growing in rows.


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Surely the name Narcissus pseudonarcissus includes not just the native (var pumila in Sell and Murrell) but also a host of cultivars and other forms, so agreeing with it is not "careless" but embraces the wider concept.


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Hi Cicuta

Yours was not the "expert badge" I had in mind.

Yes, I agree that escaped daffodils are quite often the continental N. pseudonarcissus var. pseudonarcissus or cultivars thereof, so yes, still the same species. However escapes are quite often hybrids or other taxa, so the name "pseudonarcissus" is then not applicable.

The "problem" with the expert badge is that as we can usually trump other identifications, we may continue to overrule a later but more astute ID. In consequence we have a responsibility to come back and either point out why the later ID is wrong, or, if our expertise has slipped a bit, to add our agreement to the later suggestion. You and I do this, but it is not universal.

Incidentally, with all due respect to Sell & Murrell, I am not sure that "var. pumila" is the correct name for our seemingly native race.

In my own vice-county, while I hate the modern things that get planted on banks opposite cottages or by the council on roadsides and roundabouts, I have found that attention to long established naturalised populations is quite rewarding.


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If untill early spring, Luisthis is any help I talked to one of the older residents in the lane who has lived there for thirty or so years and he remembers them as allways growing there but has never seen them flower this early . Luis