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Damselfly nymph

Observed: 11th December 2011 By: Dizzykipper
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Found in freshwater pond, in wildlife area, next to river Foss.
At first I thought it was a mayfly nymph, because of the 3 tails (I'm very new to freshwater invertebrates!) but the shape of it's body seems to suggest damselfly nymph, though the tails are not as leaf-shaped as my book seems to be saying they should be-?
If any one can help me identify this fabulous little creature I would be very grateful!

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Thanks for your help Chris. I

Thanks for your help Chris.
I tried to get a better view of the caudal lamellae (now I know not to call them "tails"!) but none of my photos are clear enough - I'm new to photographing something so small and only have a little compact camera.
Is "Larvae" a better term, as opposed to "Nymph" or does that mean it's at a different stage in it's life cycle?
I really appreciate any assistance! Like I said, I'm extremely new to freshwater invertebrates but what a fascinating study they are proving to be :-)
Thanks again!

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I prefer larvae but others my prefer nymph, I think both are correct. I always think of nymph from from fly fishing days. Caudal lamellae could be described as the tail, nothing wrong with that.

Compact cameras are great until you want to specialise in something. If at all possible invest in a DSLR (12mp or more) and a dedicated macro lens, say a 105mm or a 150mm. You will find the ability to capture nature in close up much easier.

Regards Chris