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Alpine catchfly? in Slovenia

Observed: 21st July 2011 By: Nick UptonNick Upton’s reputation in PlantsNick Upton’s reputation in PlantsNick Upton’s reputation in PlantsNick Upton’s reputation in Plants
Alpine catchfly Silene alpestris?
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An indication of size would be useful for some of your photos. I don't know Slovenian flowers, but this looks like the smaller S. pusilla, as well.

In fact, I have just noticed that iSpot has suggested pusilla for the EoL link, so perhaps they are synonymous?!


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Which Silene?

Sorry I failed to give the size .. By memory these (or similar looking plants which may have been different species!) were quite variable in height, from fairly low growing carpets - around 7 cms, to taller standing clumps maybe 10-12 cms, but I put this down to degree of wind exposure. The flowers were maybe around 8-10mm across. This Italian site lists S. alpestris and S.pusilla separately (the latter as a synonym for S.quadridentata). Both live at the altitude range I took my photos. S. alpestris is mentioned on several Slovenian flower sites and is listed on Triglav parks' flower list so may be the most likely, but S.quadridentata is down as a ?? on the list also, so maybe cannot be ruled out unless my size guesstimates help.

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