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Yellow Foliose on wall

Observed: 17th October 2011 By: ab9967
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
Yellow Foliose on wall
Grey Crustose on tree
Yellow Foliose on tree

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Species with which Common Orange Lichen (Xanthoria parietina) interacts


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The yellow lichen in pics 1 & 3 is Xanthoria parietina. I can't work out what pic 2 is.


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Pic 2 is probably a Physcia, either P. tenella or P. adscendens but clear photographs showing details are needed

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It gets confusing

when multiple species are posted together, so I am not adding a 'revision'.

I agree with the existing comments.


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Have added the ID for the

Have added the ID for the yellow lichen.

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Lichen Identification

Thanks for the identification of my lichen photo. I am new to all this so not sure if I am doing this right.

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Its best to have one species

Its best to have one species per observation, you can have as many photos of that species in that location as you want though. In this case there are at least two different species and that is causing the problems. I would suggest you make a second observation and in that one just put the grey species photo 2, you can put a copy of photo 2 there and any other pictures you took of this species. You can leave photo 2 on this current observation as well so people can see what all the discussion is about.