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Usnea sp,?

Observed: 12th December 2011 By: sjd739
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Usnea sp.

Observed on Oak tree branch at the edge of a small area of woodland. Please confirm my identification. Thank you! :)


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Check base

One of the first 'clues' in distinguishing between Usnea species is whether or not the base is blackened

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Check base

Thank you for your advice. It does seem to have a black tinge to the stem at the base, it also has white bands running around the stem throughout.

Does this help?

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Certainly an Usnea, but ...

It is usually not possible to see the essential but minute characters in a photograph. I am not going to give an opinion on this one, and it may indeed be that it is not identifiable even with the specimen in hand. Not uncommonly, an Usnea does not develop its diagnostic characters and can only be identified by thin layer chromatography (a chemical technique), or by its DNA. I have that feeling about this one.

My own website has a reasonable set of the commoner Usnea species, most of which were confirmed by TLC.