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Blue fungus

Observed: 11th December 2011 By: John Finch

Blue fungus growing in my front lawn


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Some fungi are very poisonous so a mistaken ID could have serious consequences.

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Can you check the ring around

Can you check the ring around the stem. S caerulea it is small and transient in S aeruginosa it is a large and membranous when young. If the whole thing smells of pepper it is S pseudocyanea.


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I thought it was...............

I thought it was S.aeruginosa as it has prominent scales on the stem. Would S.caerulea/pseudocyanea have these too?


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It depends on which book you

It depends on which book you read but S caerulea stipe "erect fibrillose scales" in Fungi of Switzerland. S pseudocyanea stipe "white floccose below the ring" Funga Nordica.